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The Password Workforce suite of tests has been designed specifically for employers as the global benchmark for English language in the workplace.
Assessment for employers
The Password Workforce suite of tests offer a unique combination of high quality, accurate and easily accessible English language testing.
Results driven

An efficient and reliable testing process that allows organisations to accurately assess and interpret employee English levels.


Password tests are customised and branded according to the exact requirements and specifications of our partner employers.

User friendly
User friendly

Test delivery, results, reports and certification are all securely managed online and easily accessed from our website.

School Pupils and Parents
Password Workforce is used by employers for
  • Screening as part of the selection process, to help select the best candidates to interview.
  • Staff recruitment, to ensure potential new staff have the appropriate level of English for the post.
  • Selection purposes, to identify suitable staff for overseas travel and other purposes.
  • Training and development, to benchmark the language levels of employees for placement in training programmes and to measure their progress.
  • Leadership and management programmes, to ensure employees with leadership potential have the language proficiency to effectively participate in management programmes and progress within the organisation.
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