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Terms and Conditions for taking a Password Test

English Language Testing Ltd’s terms and conditions for taking a Password test

Any test taker that fails to agree to abide by these terms and conditions will not be allowed to take a Password test and subsequently should they fail to abide by them may not receive a Password test result from English Language Testing Ltd (ELT), may have their result cancelled, may be reported to regulatory authorities globally and may be liable to legal action and/ or prosecution.

“Administrator” below means the person or organisation responsible for your test/ test session, including any invigilator(s) or proctor(s).

You must:

  1. Provide proof of identity documents (passport, national or other identity card etc.) as required by the administrator of your Password test.
  2. In cases where special test arrangements (which must be agreed in advance of taking a test) have been made for you because of special needs, you must provide medical certificates as required by ELT and/ or the administrator of your Password test.
  3. Schedule your Password test with the Password test administrator if this is required.
  4. Be ready to take your Password test at the scheduled start time.
  5. Declare any Password tests taken by you in the previous year to ELT and/ or the Password test administrator.
  6. Leave all personal belongings, except one small unlabelled bottle of water and your identity documents outside the test room. All electronic devices, including watches and especially mobile phones, must be switched off and left outside the test room.
  7. Consent for your identity to be verified and recorded. This may include:
    • Checking and copying your proof of identity documents.
    • Having your photograph taken, any covering from your face must be removed for this.
    • Providing a signature sample.
  8. Consent for your test to be videoed and recorded by the Password test administrator if this is required.
  9. Enter your name and date of birth (exactly as in your proof of identity documents) and other information accurately into the test “candidate details” page.
  10. Obey all reasonable instructions given to you by the Password test administrator.
  11. If being physically invigilated, raise your hand without speaking if you need to ask a Password test administrator anything and wait for them to speak to you. If being remotely invigilated alert the them by chat or speaking.
  12. Immediately inform the Password test administrator on the day of the test if you believe that your performance may be affected by ill health.
  13. Leave all test equipment including headphones and microphones and whiteboards and pens in the test room at the end of the test.
  14. If you have a complaint relating to the administration of the test or on any other matter you must make your complaint known to the Password test administrator immediately after completing your Password test.

You must not:

  1. Take more than one Password test in a twenty eight day period unless your Password test administrator allows a second because of poor performance due to ill health in the first. A third test is not allowed under any circumstances.
  2. Engage in any form of behaviour which may damage the integrity and security of the Password test. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Impersonating another person, or allowing another person to impersonate you (this may render you liable to prosecution).
    • Cheating or attempting to cheat in any way, including the use of notes of any kind, the use of electronic devices, copying the work of other test takers and talking to other test takers.
    • Assisting another test taker to cheat in any way.
  3. Note, copy, photograph or reproduce in any way any part of the Password test in any way in/ on any medium.
  4. Ask the administrator or any other person for any explanation of the test questions and/ or how to answer them.
  5. Disrupt the test in any way once the test has started, including talking to or disturbing or distracting other test takers.
  6. Lend anything to, or borrow anything from, another test taker during the test.
  7. Eat or smoke in the test room.
  8. Stand up, move around or leave the test room without the permission of the administrator.
  9. Alter the appearance in any way of any paper test results certificate provided by the test administrator.

You understand and agree that Password test results:

  1. Are issued by the Password test administrator in a manner determined by ELT and/ or the

Password test administrator which may or may not include a paper test results certificate.

  1. For certain tests be placed into ELT’s online results validation portal where they can be accessed by institutions with a legitimate interest in them.
  2. Will have your name and other information as entered by you into the Password test “candidate’s details” page.
  3. May be cancelled if at any time if any irregularity in the test or test administration is identified, or because of unauthorised repetitive test taking.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. The test administrator may use metal detectors or other equipment to scan you for electronic or other devices.
  2. All intellectual property in Password tests including all Password test materials is owned by ELT.
  3. The personal data entered as a part of your Password test and Password tests results will be managed in accordance with ELT’s privacy policy.
  4. There may be local terms and conditions required by the Password test administrator that you must comply with and that the Password test administrator will provide details of these.
  5. If ELT or the Password test administrator decide that it is necessary to review anything related to your test or the administration of your test you are required to assist the review in any reasonable way requested which may require re-taking one or more Password test modules.
  6. If you are suspected of engaging, or proven to have engaged, in any form of cheating or anything that might damage the integrity of Password tests you may not receive a test result and you may be prohibited from taking a Password test in the future. Evidence and details of any suspected or proven misconduct may be shared in accordance with our privacy policy.
  7. If there are technical difficulties or test administration issues whilst taking your Password test you may have to re-take one or more Password test modules.
  8. The work submitted in your Password test becomes the property of ELT and that you have no rights over it.
  9. The test administrator will take reasonable measures to protect your personal belongings but is not responsible for any loss.

You declare that:

  1. I have read these “terms and conditions For taking a Password test” and will abide by the rules for test takers and agree to the other terms.
  2. The name and other personal information entered as a part of my Password test will be complete, true and accurate.
  3. I understand that the ELT have a responsibility to ensure the highest confidence in the integrity of Password tests and results thus ELT reserves the right to withhold test results temporarily or permanently, or to cancel test results which have been issued, if they consider those results to be unreliable for reasons of suspected cheating or any other irregularity in the test process.