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Test Security
All Password tests are designed with security in mind.

For test integrity and security reasons most Password tests (all those except those for “at home” testing) are delivered on a “locked down” PC under invigilation using a secure web browser, and are proctored (invigilated) in person by staff of the test purchaser or trusted representatives.

Using this browser a test “interrupts” when it perceives an attempt at cheating by the test-taker trying to access another computer application or website such as email or Google, or indeed anything outside the test page. A warning message is displayed, and in order to re-enter the test the test-taker has to call over the invigilator. It is up to the invigilator to decide whether or not the test-taker should be allowed to proceed with the test.

Password test questions are randomly selected for that unique test as it is started from a large question data bank, resulting in countless variations of each test.

The purchaser of a Password test verifies the results of their tests taken by accessing its private results database. The purchaser can, if they wish, also issue a paper test results certificate to the test taker as a record of their achievement.

For information on recommended invigilation and testing procedures, see Procedures for the Delivery of Password Tests“.

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