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Common Issues

While in the test press "CTRL" & "-" (Control & minus buttons on the keyboard) to zoom out.

Check that the date and time for your computer are correct. The time zone should be corrected according to your location. If login shows as invalid contact Password support.

Setup checks should be made well before testing to allow time to resolve any problems found. 

We recommend completing all checks at least one hour before the test is due to start.

Our support team is available to remotely assist with test setup between 09:00 and 17:00 UK time Monday to Friday and will be able to assist with troubleshooting issues. 

Check the URL is for the secure site: and when prompted by the browser, click 'allow'.

We recommend that all programs except for the test platform be closed during the test.

In particular, any applications which cause on screen popups (for example, an email client or messaging application) must be closed before beginning the test. 

In Chinese speaking regions, we recommend that the English language pack for Windows be installed and the keyboard changed to English (International) before the test is taken.

If the test is not running correctly or the browser is redirected to a different website when launched, it is likely that your computer has a virus.

We recommend conducting a malware scan and reviewing PC setup to ensure no unwanted programs are installed before starting the test.

Password tests run on Windows 8 or above, previous versions of Windows (XP, Vista) will NOT work for the test platform.

Please also note that unlicensed versions of Windows may cause test issues and should not be used.

Tests can be run using Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We recommend downloading the latest version of the browser before starting a test.

For taking Password tests using a desktop shortcut.

Alternatively for taking a Password Solo tests.

Further Issues?

If you are experiencing any further issues when setting up or invigilating a test, please call our support team on +44 (0)20 8326 5608 or email the support team at

If possible, please provide screenshots or details of what went wrong during a test so we can troubleshoot further.

Remote Support Sessions

Please note that TeamViewer links will not appear on mobile devices and tablets as the test cannot be run on a mobile device. Please visit this page on a desktop or laptop to download TeamViewer.

If you have been asked to install TeamViewer by our support team, please click the button below:

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