Password online English and Maths tests launched in 2008 and are used by British independent and international schools to accurately assess students both pre- and post- arrival, aiding both student recruitment and admission.

The tests are aligned to international standards, simple to administer, and deliver accurate results which can be relied upon for high stakes admissions decisions. Test delivery, results and certificates are securely managed online eliminating the need for the printing and distribution of exam papers, the collection and marking of scripts and subsequent data input. The tests are securely delivered wherever and whenever required by our partner schools’ own staff, their representatives and the British Council.

Password tests are designed and academically managed by international experts in testing and assessment. The English tests are benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Understanding our Partner Schools

The Password Pupil test has been developed in consultation with d’Overbroeck’s, Oxford. d’Overbroeck’s is one of the UK’s leading independent schools with an outstanding international section for students transitioning into the UK’s education system and progressing onto leading universities.


“The number one admissions test for British independent and international schools”