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Password Skills Preparation Course
10 hour online preparation course, plus free practice test

Preparation Course

What to expect

The course consists of 4 test modules (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and an introduction.

In the reading, writing, listening and speaking modules, you will find out about:

– Test organisation
– Strategies for success
– Authentic practice test questions

The course is designed to actively engage you through the use of:

– Video overviews
– Interactive tasks
– Automatic feedback
– Sample responses
– Oral and written explanations
– Downloadable files with useful tips

Course Timing and Flexible Access

Typically, it will take you about two to three hours to complete each test module. Once you start a module, you will have access to that material for 48 hours. You do not need to complete each module in one sitting and can simply return to it at any point using your access code. You can engage in the activities as many times as you would like during that 48 hour period.

Practice Test

Once you have completed the Preparation Course, you can take the free Password Skills Practice Test. Use your results report to help identify your strengths and weaknesses and receive helpful tips on how to improve on test day. This will help you to feel more confident going into the exam.

Password Skills Preparation Course
  • Password Skills Preparation Course
  • Password Skills Practice test
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Test time Test time: Total bundle ~ 10 hours
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