Positive Tales in Challenging Times

Dr Helen Wood, head of school partnerships at Password English Language Testing, talks to schools continuing to process applications.

The Importance of Partnerships

More recently, in my role as head of school partnerships at Password, I have been able to attend events organised by AMCIS, the British Boarding Schools Network, and the BSA. 

Get your International Pupils off to a Good Start

Dr Helen Wood, head of school partnerships at Password Testing, highlights the importance of an accurate English language assessment to ensure a good fit between international pupil and school

English is Not Enough

Helen Wood sees challenges and opportunities for independent schools in language acquisition…

Developing a better understanding around the processes of second and third language acquisition, and debunking some of the myths around language learning that are prevalent among pupils, teachers and parents, both British and international, would be a good place to start.

Testing is vital to understand a child’s true ability, but they will underperform at GCSE and A-level if their English is not fluent enough, says Helen Wood.

Navigating the Minefield of English Language Requirements

International sixth form pupils who, in an attempt to exit those lessons as quickly as possible, endlessly repeated IELTS exams in the hope of attaining the grade demanded by the high ranking institution upon which they had set their hopes.

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