The Password Skills Test

Password Skills has been formally aligned to the CEFR (A2 to C1) and is used for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate university courses. The test takes three hours and five minutes and is run in two parts. The first part assesses reading and writing and the second part assesses listening and speaking. Test-takers may be given a break between the two parts.


Part 1

Password Reading

Password Reading consists of five sections. In each section there is one reading task to be completed. Test-takers have one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the test module.

Password Reading Sample Questions

Password Writing

Password Writing assesses a test-taker’s ability to write an essay.  Test-takers are presented with a choice of two essay titles to choose from and are given instructions regarding length and content.

Password Writing Sample Questions


Part 2

Password Listening

Password Listening consists of five sections, with one hour to complete the whole test. In each section there are one or more listening tasks to be completed. Once test-takers press the play button, it is not possible to pause or restart the recording. Test-takers will hear the recording twice. The second time they hear the recording the question(s) will appear. Notes can be made to help prepare answers.

Password Listening Sample Questions

Password Speaking

Password Speaking has five sections with one or more speaking tasks (questions) in each, simply answered by speaking into the microphone. There is about the same amount of time available to prepare answers as there is to speak. Notes can be made to help prepare answers.

Password Speaking Sample Questions