Password Skills

Password Skills is used by universities and colleges for direct entry to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The test reliably assesses the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking and has been formally aligned to the CEFR.

Password Skills enables institutions to control and deliver high stakes testing and fulfils all Home Office requirements for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK.

Password Skills (Receptive)

Password Skills (Receptive) enables universities and colleges who have well-developed speaking and writing assessments to augment their in-house testing with reliable, CEFR aligned reading and listening assessments.

Password Knowledge

The original Password Knowledge test is used by universities and colleges to ensure that incoming international students have the language skills necessary to successfully undertake their programmes of study. Students needing in-sessional support can be identified quickly and cost-effectively leading to improved student experience and retention.

Password Knowledge is also amongst the most widely used English language assessments for admission into university preparation (pathway) programmes.


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Other Combinations

Password test modules (Knowledge, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) are also available in other combinations and can also be blended with an institution’s own testing tools where required. See Customised Tests for more information.