Password tests are used to recruit, support and retain international students whilst upholding academic standards. The tests have proven to have extremely high levels of accuracy since their launch in 2008 and are now used by over 200 institutions in over a hundred countries around the world.

The tests are used for admission and induction to university and pre-university (pathway) programmes, as well as progress and end of course testing for EAP (ELICOS) courses. The tests, which are aligned to international standards, can be run both pre- and post-arrival wherever and whenever required.

Password tests are used by international offices, language centres and admissions departments wishing to increase international student recruitment, improve student outcomes and improve rates of student progression.

In the UK, the Password Skills test fulfils all Home Office requirements for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Password team also offer universities and colleges a service for creating online versions of their own pre-sessional and other formative tests. These can be blended with Password test modules if required.


“Gold Standard Testing”