University Test Module Details

Password tests are made up of one or more test modules: 

Password Reading

Password Reading consists of five sections. In each section, there is one reading task to be completed. Test-takers have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete all tasks.

Password Writing

Password Writing assesses a test-taker’s ability to write an essay. Test-takers are presented with a choice of two essay titles to choose from and are given instructions regarding length and content. The test takes 30 minutes.

Password Listening

Password Listening consists of five sections. In each section, there are one or more listening tasks to be completed.  Test-takers will hear the recording twice. The second time they hear the recording the question(s) will appear. Once test-takers press the play button, it is not possible to pause or restart the recording. Notes can be made to help prepare answers. Test-takers have 1 hour to complete the five sections.

Password Speaking

Password Speaking has five sections with one or more speaking tasks (questions) in each, simply answered by speaking into the microphone. There is about the same amount of time available to prepare answers as there is to speak. Notes can be made to help prepare answers. The test takes 20 minutes.

Password Knowledge

Password Knowledge is a sophisticated test of English language grammar, vocabulary and reading. It consists of five sections and takes 1 hour to complete.

Password Maths

There are eight different test modules, which are combined in various ways depending upon the level at which our partners wish to assess. Password Maths tests usually consist of four test modules and take 1 hour to complete. 

The eight test modules cover a wide range of topics including:

Numeracy | Algebra | Geometry | Trigonometry | Statistics | Indices | Surds | Series | Graphs and Functions

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