Password Agent Training Webinar

Between September and the end of May, nearly 6,000 Password Pupil tests were run by Password’s partner schools.  Around 97% of these took place successfully with no technical hitches or human errors.  Password’s Support team wants every test to run smoothly.  If you have experienced any problems running Password tests for any of our partner schools, please join us for this webinar.  See a full list of our school partners here:

What will the training webinar cover?

  • Navigating the Password website
  • Setting up the desktop shortcut to the Password secure browser
  • Trouble shooting IT issues
  • Invigilator dos and don’ts
  • How to help a pupil and parent organise a remote support session

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    Who will be running the session?

    The Password staff leading the training session are Rahul Sharma, IT Services and Support Manager/Fazan Malik, an experienced member of the Password friendly support team, joined by Kirsty Branch, Academic Manager at Password Testing.

    Rahul Sharma

    IT Support Manager

    Fazan Malik

    IT Support

    Kirsty Branch

    Academic Manager

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