Adding Password Platform to Flash Player Exceptions

  • Operating System(s): Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Browser(s): Internet Explorer
  • Test(s): Password Speaking

This guide will help you to set up Flash Player exceptions on any Windows based PC. Please follow each step thoroughly and let us know if you have any problems by contacting

Adding an exception for Password Platform

Once Flash has been set up or updated, you will need to check the local Flash Settings in control Panel.

  1. Click Start then search for Control Panel, then left click to open the Control Panel.



  1. Change the View by:  settings from Category to Small Icons or Large Icons. Look for Flash Player or Flash Player (32-bit) depending on your version of installation and click to open the settings.

  1. Once in the Flash Player Settings  you will need to click the Camera and Mic tab then the Camera and Microphone settings by site… button.



  1. In the new window, click Add… to add a new site to exceptions.



  1. In the Website domain:  field, enter and change when this site wants to use a camera or mic to Allow.


  1. Click Add then close all Windows and move on to Creating a desktop Shortcut.