Password tests are individually customised for schools depending upon their requirements.

Password Pupil is used to assess the English language and Maths ability of applicants to GCSE, A level and IB programmes. There are three test modules which can be combined in various ways as required by individual schools.

Password Pupil Knowledge: Password Knowledge is a sophisticated test of grammar and vocabulary.

Password Pupil Writing: A choice of two essays set by d’Overbroecks, one of the UK’s leading independent schools

Password Pupil Maths: A choice of 8 different test modules set at different levels which are combined in various ways to meet an individual schools’ requirements.

Password Pupil (Younger)

Password Pupil (Younger) is used to assess the English language ability of applicants to secondary education aged from 10 to 13.

The Password Pupil (Younger) test modules are simplified, shorter versions of the Password Pupil test modules.

Please click on the Password Pupil link to view sample questions.